12 Tips to Relieve Stress for Children and Adults

When you get that “stressed out” feeling, why not try:

  1. Deep breathing / Muscle Relaxation

  2. Meditation / Praying

  3. Listening to relaxing music, or your favorite music

  4. Exercising (stretch, walk, run, swim, bike)

  5. Playing with your pet

  6. Closing your eyes and recalling a fond memory

  7. Developing a sense of humor

  8. Expressing feelings

  9. Eating healthy food

  10. Making a list to help yourself get organized

  11. Taking a warm bath

  12. Making time to have fun

These are some suggestions from a great book called Ready… Set… R.E.L.A.X.:  A Research Based Program of Relaxation, Learning and Self Esteem for Children by Jeffrey S. Allen, M.Ed. and Roger J. Klein, Psy.D.
I would also add – practice yoga.  Give them a try.

Megan Durkin